The Professional Network

The Professional Network is for FIRST® teams who are looking for Professionals to mentor them in different aspects of FIRST® activities. Teams may request help from a Professional, and then they will be contacted by a Professional with expertise in the area requested. From this point on, the two will  communicate one-on-one to support the team. 
FIRST® teams at any level might be needing assistance.

  • FIRST® Robotics Competition: Build and program industrial-sized robots to play a difficult field game against other competitors. May need mentoring in the following areas: design reviews, code reviews, engineering assistance and more.​​

  • FIRST® Tech Challenge: FIRST® Tech Challenge is a robotics competition for students in grades 7–12 to compete head to head and reach out the others. Assistance can be requested in the following areas: design reviews, code reviews, engineering assistance, outreach, and documentation. 

  • FIRST® LEGO League Challenge: Formerly known as FIRST® LEGO League. Kids ages 9–14 might need support for team presentation reviews and project reviews.

  • FIRST® LEGO League Junior: A non-competitive, hands-on STEM program tailored for children ages 6 to 10 (Grades K-4).