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Through FIRST® we have become lifelong self-motivated learners. Our greatest takeaways are the professional and technical skills that we can use now and in our future. We have learned the importance of team organization, public speaking, teamwork, and helping others through mentoring. FIRST® has been a key motivator for us to learn many technical skills as well, such as the design process, information systems, fabrication, and testing.



We share what we have learned through public speaking opportunities and by mentoring others in STEM-related areas. We know that effective communication will help us in the future, so through FIRST® we volunteer for outreach such as professional interaction, demonstrations, mentoring, volunteering, and teaching. Because FIRST® has given us some life transforming opportunities, we want to share that with others.



We are intentional about reaching other teams by not only sharing with them what we have learned, but also by building a mentoring environment in which both teams are helping each other. We also work one on one with multiple teams in our area because we see the importance of building relationships. Several Robo Raiders mentor teams on a weekly basis to further this goal. This is how we leave a legacy beyond our own FTC experience.

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